Project Partners
City District Bratislava - Rusovce

Bratislava-Rusovce is one of 17 city districts in capital of Slovakia, Bratislava. City district itself has the character of a village – it is physically separated from the city of Bratislava. Together with city district Devín, it has the greatest natural values in its territory – the fact evident also from numerous protected areas. It is also specific by its historical values, it is declared as a historical zone.
The role in the Project
The Municipality as a project submitter has the main responsibility for the project course. Other specific tasks are coordination of publishing the brochure and organization of cross-border seminar.

Regional Environmental Center

Regional Environmental Center for countries of Central and Eastern Europe (REC) is an international nonprofit organization with main purpose oriented to support the activities aimed to improvement of the state of environment in countries of Central and Eastern Europe.
The mission of REC is to help countries of Central and Eastern Europe to solve environmental problems mainly by promoting the cooperation between environmental non-governmental organizations, governments and government institutions, academic institutions, municipalities, enterpreneurial domain and other environmental groups, mainly through strenghtening the information exchange and providing, and promoting the involvement of public in decision-making processes concerning the environment.
The role in the Project
REC is the main project coordinator. It provides also professional basic background at the stabilization of park greenery, taking inventory of the greenery and creation of the park study.

Civil Association Natura Rusovce

Civil Association Natura Rusovce was founded from the civil initiative Park of Rusovce in the autumn, 2002. It unifies active Rusovce citizens, who are not indifferent to the village fate. The main orientation of the Association is the care of the park and whole Rusovce development in harmony with principles of nature protection and sustainable life.

The role in the Project
The main task of the Association in the Project is the communication with public, the arrangement of participative planning, and also the coordination of entire process.

Municipality Bruck an der Leitha

Little town Bruck/Leitha has more than 40 000 inhabitants and is located in Austria border region with Slovakia and Hungary – Niederosterreich. Cadastral area of the town covers more than 49 000 ha, while up to 22% of this area is wooded. Municipal authorities of Bruck/Leitha administer Harrach park and they have initiated the project of cooperation between cross-border region municipalities with outstanding historical parks already several years ago.
The role in the Project
The cross-border partner, with which we will collaboratively create common vision of cross-border networks of parks and interchange experiences regarding trees treatment, tourism etc.

Project Co-workers

Zora Pauliniová

Description: Trainer, consultant and facilitator in personal and organizational development with orientation to: The role in the Project: Coordination works with the public, the main facilitator.

Tomáš Fraňo

Description: Certificated arborist
The role in the Project: Arboristics
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