Cross-border Project Impact

The project „Development of partnership in the field of environment and tourism Rusovce-Bruck/Leitha“ is the mirror project to the Austrian project Parknetzwerk „Die großen Gärten unter der Enns“ – Historische Parkanlagen im Grenzbereich Österreich – Slowakei. Following parks are included into the mentioned project:

Together with the park of Rusovce, all these parks are characterized by several common features: current bad park state, the need of renewal and reconstruction, alongside with satisfying artistic-historical viewpoints and nature preservation conditions (the parks in Austria are the part of the European network NATURA 2000).

Creating the common strategy of future parks development in these municipalities of cross-border region appears to be an essential precondition for success of the project. Projects will be further linked with the project „Eszterhazy Gardens“, which connects Austria with Hungarian park Fertod. In this way a close cooperation between Austria, Slovakia and Hungary will emerge in the area, which was historically unified, and hence it will create the link, which was broken in the first half of 20th century.

Harrach Park While implementing the common cross-border project, the strenghtening of partnership relationships and mutual cooperation of all the partners are expected. The project in Austria’s side, funded through the programme Interreg IIIA in the volume of Euro 210,000, is scheduled for longer term (the end of the year 2005). The project „Development of partnership in the field of environment and tourism Rusovce-Bruck/Leitha“ should serve as a preparation to practical realization of park reconstruction. After successful finishing of this project, the city district Rusovce intends to utilize further European structural funds and initiatives for actual realization of investment activities of the park reconstruction itself.