Why Public Participation -
People Protect What They Have Created

Few people are more competent to give their opinion to some area than people living in it. Although nowadays, while building highways or waste dumps, constructing trade centers, but also while reconstructing towns or dealing with any local issues, we can still meet the neglecting of the voice of public, this idea is beginning to emerge also in Slovakia. Experiences from Great Britain, Germany, but also nearby Czech republic have shown that local citizens – amateurs – are capable of naming the problems they are facing, finding their roots and coming with excellent solutions.

Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and initiatives can help to build the community, if they participate in creation of concrete projects for their municipality, town or region and deal with a concrete issue, which:

Our project of Rusovce park renewal is built on public participation in creation and solving the issues of interest. Park of Rusovce is beautiful and valueable space having unique natural and historical given facts. The process of public participation is bringing similar unique values, such as localpatriotism, help to nature or dialog and mutual cooperation of fellow citizens, or cooperation with municipal government and with professionals. Through the involvement of people in planning of park use and protection (children activities, public hearing and negotations, planning weekend – for more details see the Activities Plan) we want to stimulate the care for the park and help to build long-term relationships in the community.

We want the park to be a living center of Rusovce, the place of relaxation of citizens from Rusovce and Bratislava, and one of the building stocks of parks network for sustainable tourism. We want Rusovce to become the gateway to Slovakia in the context of natural, historical, but also human values.