The Schedule of Realized and Planned Activities

You can find the detailed schedule of activities concerning public participation in the process of creation the vision of Rusovce Park on this page. The aim of these activities is to involve local citizens and stakeholders to the creation of the study of Rusovce Park as much as possible.

  Activity Description Time

Pre-Christmas concert of non-professional bands was aimed to address young people – to point out to the existence and state of Rusovce Park and obtain their suggestions to the future of the park.
It was an introductory activity with promotional meaning as well. Bands such as Feels Like Sunday (Rock), Pandana (Punkrock), J2RM (Blues, Bossanova, Drums&Bass), Trambasstix (Fusion Jazz), DJ Stew & Kinčo (Hip-Hop) and Soundphreakers participated in it.


Starting (this) webpage: its aim on one hand is to inform wider public about the park itself and on the other hand about the process of creation of the park study.

January 2004

An activity for Rusovce elementary schoolchildren: Creation of the booklets about the park. Children divided into groups have created the brochure about the park during one month, using three technologies: text, photography and painting. Brochures are divided into parts about the past, present time and the future. The best booklets were awarded and the best one will be published as a publication.
Through their own work, by an attractive manner, we tried to motivate pupils to a better understanding of the place they are living in, to localpatriotism and knowledge of history, to creative thinking and to participation in something what is directly related to Rusovce. At the same time, we tried to attract also their parents’ attention to the park renewal.

February 2004

Questionnaire for Rusovce citizens – its aim was to prepare citizens for the process of participative planning, gathering first suggestions and selecting active co-workers.

March 2004

Public hearing: The first public meeting with citizens was about the project introduction, its aims, as well as presenting results of the children competition. The aim was to inform citizens, gather up people’s opinions about the appearance and use of the area and on the way it is interpreted, to find active coworkers and possible volunteers.

April 2004

Planning weekend will be the culmination of all the activities. It will be a working weekend (Friday after lunch and Saturday before lunch) – the meeting of all the people willing to participate in the concrete defining of the park area. It will include an inspection of the field with professionals, formulation of concepts about the area, planning itself by local people (“planning for real”) with active participation of the professionals and the designer – landscape architect, who will create the study.

June 2004

Final meeting with the public: the landscape architect – the study creator – will present the proposal made on the basis of citizens’ suggestions. It will be the public negotiation – public discussion about the proposal aimed to gather up comments to the created study.

July 2004