Objects of Interest and Uniquenesses

You can find out facts, which you probably didn’t know before about the park, the castle, its history and local inhabitants.

Did you know that...
In the beginning of 20th century, archduke Ferdinand with his wife Zofia – successors of the Austrian-Hungarian monarchy, dead-shot in 1914 in Sarajevo – attended the autumn hunts, organized by princess Stephanie every year.
Princess Stephanie introduced the Spanish etiquette in the castle of Rusovce, she herself changed her clothes 3 times a day and always was in gala dress on the dinners.
Among others, Rusovce castle was visited by:
- Bertha von Suttner – Nobel prize holder for peace in 1905,
- Leopold Berchtold – former Foreign Affairs Minister of Franc Joseph, which issued an ultimatum to Serbia, what was the beginning of the World War I,
- czar Ferdinand – former czar of Bolgaria,
- emperor Charles – the last emperor after Franc Joseph II.
Father of Maria Terezia, emperor Charles, came regularly to the park of Rusovce for hunts.
Michal Zichy and Franz Liszt were regularly meeting in Rusovce. Franz Liszt was influenced by the park of Rusovce and composed 3-part secular oratorio "Von der Wiege bis zum Grabe".
Count Zeppelin visited owners of the castle on the 2nd of January, 1908.